Snail-phabet Anchor Snail

Introducing Snail-phabet 

A is for Anchor Snail...B is for Boat Snail...C is for Camper Snail... 

Snailphabet, illustrated by whimsical artist Gabrielle Jolie, is a colorful, imaginative alphabet book filled with silly snails who have the craziest shells! Grab Snailphabet as the perfect gift for snail enthusiasts (or future snail lovers) in your life!

Snail-phabet School
Reading and Art Activity

 I am available to come to your Preschool, Kindergarten, or Program  to read and do a snail related art activity! Snail-phabet is a great engagement tool for little ones learning the Alphabet. It is imaginative, funny, and they love to pick out their favorite snails and point out all of the objects and colors that they recognize!

Snail-phabet Read Aloud


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